2021-09-26: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BweO6Y13Cmc4VlFKYkx2MWxWU1k?resourcekey=0-ZImjHQr1ZkyLMpwZoW68XA&usp=sharing This pinned post will have the latest revision of the best link to use - where you can browse the folders or simply search. Google doesn't announce when they have deprecated a link so please use this instead if you're having issues: Google Drive has a range of features that keep me choosing... Continue Reading →

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Archive of Apple Developer Technical Publications

I've finalised the tasks of archiving a large lot of ADPA developer documentation from the 1990s as originally owned by Mike Patterson. He 'kept everything' including the original envelopes these papers were posted in, along with prices for membership renewal, which are also scanned. Each tome/file represents one binder of A4 papers and are available... Continue Reading →

The Mike Patterson scans

Hi EveryoneWith the help of his daughter Sue, I acquired a ton of Apple gear via the estate of Mike Patterson.  He was an Apple software developer in the mid 90s and enthusiast throughout his computing life.  He also kept everything, including print-outs of Apple Developer Connection articles through to event invitations for the launch... Continue Reading →

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