‘Disney’s Computer Fun’ now available for download

My keen eyes are always scanning book titles for vintage computing books.  Last week I was lucky enough to see this fun cover in a pile of books at a local ‘green’ recycler in Canberra.  The price? Free!

The library in primary school featured a few books for children with lines of BASIC code which I to borrow and fill and entire afternoon typing out code only to have the ultimate pay-off – a low resolution rocket shape move up the screen!

This book has already taught me something – decoding barcodes by eye.  Printed page 27 (PDF 25) is worth looking at just to learn how to ‘break’ a barcode. Other ‘fun’ covered in the book includes:

  • Programming using BASIC with an explanation of lines, run/print command
  • IF statements
  • Knock knock jokes
  • PLOT and DRAW commands to draw a basic tree and bird shape
  • Cute hand drawn Disney graphics

Scanned using an Epson V700 Perfection, Mac OS X 10.10.1, Preview to scan to TIFF, Photoshop CC to level/crop/sharpen each page individually and lastly Acrobat X to combine everything into a logical PDF.

You may download the 16mb high-resolution PDF directly by clicking here.

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