Re-creating Macintosh accelerator badges

This post has taken me a while to edit but I hope this inspires people to have a go.

Obviously credit must go to OlePigeon for supplying the AI files freely:

Render the AI to your paper size at 1200dpi

Set your printer settings to be the best they can be. Experiment with say dither settings to ensure a sharp print, I use ‘Chart/Graphics’.

Use a guillotine to slice out a few then trim by hand or use scissors.

If you apply a gloss to them like I did, either use a sharp blade to separate the label from the gloss or keep the margin so you can peel.

I am a perfectionist but I also don’t like waste.  The labels shown in my pictures were from the very first run and I’ve since gotten better at the sizing for A4 and the best way to trim the labels out.

Badges Accelerators by hand 68KMLABadges Accelerators by hand 68KMLA1


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