3 thoughts on “How does an eBay auction for a PCI Macintosh Video card lead to archiving unique Apple II software?

  1. A beautiful story of commencing a collection and then its evolution. Clearly you have capacity to sleuth out what you want and need ad make these old computers sing. Sing apple sing


  2. Hi Jeremy, I am just starting the journey you have travelled. In the 1980’s I had an Apple //e fully decked out with 10MB Profile, 1MB memory, TransWarp Accelerator Card, plus lots of other gear I cannot remember. I also had an Apple //c with 1MB of memory and a SeniorPROM card.

    When I moved house in 2001 I regrettably got rid of the old computers as I was into Macs by then.

    I recently picked up a collection of Apple ][ Europlus boards, books, disk drives, power supplies and cases, and from another source an Apple //e and a Mac Plus and decided to see if I could connect them to my 2009 MacBook Pro. As others had found, the capacitors do not stand up over time. The //e and Mac Plus worked for about 30 seconds before smoke issued forth.

    I was lucky enough to find an old friend still had a working Apple //e so I was able to borrow it and test all the gear. from the Apple Europlus collection only 1 disk drive, a Disk ][ drive card and Superserial Card worked. The Apple //e worked with the good power supply, so I have ordered some capacitors to get the original power supply operational again.

    Following a bit of research on the Internet I downloaded Virtual ][ and used an old Imagewriter printer cable and Keyspan serial to USB device I had lying around to connect to my MacBook Pro. Worked like a dream. The friend also gave me a big box of disks to play with.

    I have also purchased a Floppy Emu http://www.bigmessowires.com/floppy-emu/ as I am worried the old disk drive may cease working. It is a great device.

    By the way, I remember you when you were in Canberra and participated in the ACT Apple User Group.


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