Programmable Turtle book and software for the Apple II lives on

Update 03/10/2016: By combing the power of myself and Alex Lukacz we bring you the complete package of software and booklet.

On the 23rd of May 2016 I spoke with Greg Preston, president of the now folded NSW Computer Education Group.  Greg remembered Turtle well and brought my attention to the lower right corner “CEU 013”, and suggested that was book 13 of about 150.

My edition is a 1985 re-print which has scanned at least 5 times with various output settings to achieve this ‘final’ version here: Programmable Turtle
This has been processed using Photoshop to correct levels and Adobe ClearScan in the older Acrobat 11 to clean up the text and de-skew pages.

An introduction is on PDF pg.12 as follows:

System requirements
“Turtle requires a 48k APPLE II computer with a disk drive”.

Update 03/10/2016: Alex Lukacz has replied to my posting with a disk image made from his personal copy.  I can confirm it matches the booklet and runs perfectly!  You may download the disk image and accompaning notes hereScreenshot2



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