Australian Mac User February 1997

Australian MacUser February 1997 (clearscan)_0000

February 1997, Australian Magazine

MacOS and NeXTstep to merge,  BeOS to be a third-party alternative

1 3 New Mac OS strategy -Apple buys NeXT So ware.

1 5 PowerTools OEMs Motorola’s Macs – New cheaper Mac OS systems.

BJC-4550 – Canon’s A3-capable Mac- and PC-compatible colour inkjet. Ouickeys 3.5 -Macro-maker makes Macs move.

Boris Effects for Premiere – Special effects for desktop video. Origami – Learn the ancient art o f paper-folding.

Close Combat – Microsoft’s foray into war-gaming.

Now Startup Manager 7.0.1 – Control what you boot. Mode – Corel’s ‘interactive’ CD-ROM is disappointing. Pickle Street – Legal title for secondary schools. Warcraft – Excellent value in medieval strategy game.

Plan Be – We beta test BeOS – an alternative platform for your clone or Power Mac, that frees your processor from the shackles of an outdated Mac OS.

Muscle Macs -What’s the only thing hotter than a Power Mac? A Mac OS system with two PowerPC processors, .or even four. Multiprocessing brings muscle to your Mac.

Only three years ago, desktop scanners were prohibitively expensive for all but professional publishers. Now there are many low-cost options to choose from, and we test them here.

The Web Animator’s Toolbox -Web pages are starting to move – they’re dancing, singing, and saying ‘click me.’ If you want to put some wiggle onto the Web, read on

PageMill 2 -Adobe’s visual HTML editor has been signifcantly upgraded.

Tektronix Phaser 350 – Comes with free black ink.

QuarkImmedia – The leading page-layout program now has an XTension that turns it into a multimedia authoring environment.

Low cost scanners

Apple Education Packs – Cheaper ways to buy education so ware.

Posts relating to Australian Macworld magazine as hosted by have been scanned by myself and placed online to reflect the Apple Macintosh industry in Australia at the time of publication.  I took on this scanning project as I could not find a single entry online of Australian computer magazines related to Apple.  Please enjoy the high quality scans including advertisements which can be best bit!

You are welcome to contact me if you would like the original file as I can see has applied some unwanted processing to the PDF.

David Menere was the original owner.


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