Australian Macworld Australian July 1998

Australian Macworld Australian July 1998 (clearscan)_0000.jpg

Australian Magazine

A star is born – cool, wicked-fast and drop-dead gorgeous: the iMac and PowerBook G3 series

11 Apple Australia to sell online – Build-to-order manufacturing will help Apple bring technology to market more quickly.

19 MetaSynth 2.0 -Turns graphics into sound.

20 Barbie as Rapunzel – Romantic fable with fairy-tale ending.

20 Anastasia: Adventures with Pooka and Bartok – In aid of a princess.

21 X-Men: The Ravages of Apocalypse – Quake conversion.

22 Painter 3D – Paint textures on to 3D models.

22 Action Files – Build a better dialogue box.

23 Dark Colony -A rather conventional attempt at the genre.

23 EndNote 3.0 – Indispensable in academia.

34 Second to none – How to choose the former Macintosh model that’s right for you, find a secondhand system at the right price, and give it the once-over to ensure it’s in good working order.

42 Quantum leap – G3 upgrade cards can take your old Mac to new heights.

48 Photoshop pumps up -This powerhouse upgrade to Adobe’s market-leading

image editor has what you’ve been looking for.

59 Web design’s new dynamic duo -Adobe and Macromedia come to web artists’ rescue at last, with products for making images for the net

62 Custom job – Get the files that you want to install, even when the Mac OS Installer refuses to give them up.

65 PowerBook G3 Series – Breakthrough design, features and speed.

69 Scriptware 1.o and Final Draft 4.16c – Two pricey scriptwriting programs

71 Dramatica Pro 3.0 -Sto  analyser adds learning tools.

72 OmniPage Pro 8.0 – OCR Titan’s great upgrade value.

73 LabView 5.0 -Wizardry, web connections for labs.

75 Painter Classic – Streamlines paint tool.


Posts relating to Australian Macworld magazine as hosted by have been scanned by myself and placed online to reflect the Apple Macintosh industry in Australia at the time of publication.  I took on this scanning project as I could not find a single entry online of Australian computer magazines related to Apple.  Please enjoy the high quality scans including advertisements which can be best bit!

You are welcome to contact me if you would like the original file as I can see has applied some unwanted processing to the PDF.

David Menere was the original owner.


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