Australian Macworld May 1998

Australian Macworld May 1998 (one error) (clearscan)_0000.jpg

May 1998 Australian Magazine

11 Exclusive lab test – We preview the new 300mhz Power Macintosh G3

12 QuickTime 3 out now

22 Entable – Uneven table tool for OuarkXPress.

You Don’t know Jack Movies &   – Dredging US-orientated trivia.

23 Disney’s Hades Challenge – Grumpy gods from ancient Greece. My Amazing Human Body – OK’s body-guide for younger children.

24 F/A-18 korea – The benchmark for Mac flight sims. Power3D – 30-acceleration card for games.

Hard Disk Toolkit 2.5

27 OX-Effects 3.0 – Special effects for OuarkXPress. Test Strip 2.02 – Colour plug-in gains features.

VideoShop 4.0/3D

29 Neosys 1.1 -Visualise your data

32 Web publisher’s essential took kit – Choosing the best HTML editor.
Exclusive lab test – We preview the new 300MHz Power Macintosh G3, and scan the horizon for follow-up products.
OuickTime 3 out now – The latest version of OuickTime, with both free and “professional” features, is available now for download.
21 Journeyman Project 3

Rich game hampered by average graphics.
25 Surf Express – The slower you surf, the better the acceleration

26 Deadlock -A sim without the work.

Stufflt Deluxe 4.5.1 -Minor bugs, major usefulness.

28  LANsurveyor 4.0 Network monitor weak on IP.

Video editor adds 30 support, music maker.

40 Java finally delivers – The fastest Java for Mac OS users.

46 Stop fumbling with your fonts – Manage your  typefaces with ease. 56 Flash fixes – Coping with a flashing question mark at start-up.
59 Three French tutors – Claudine Teaches French, Easy Language Conversational Skills and Francais I go head-to-head.

61 Two antivirus programs – Choosing between Virex and VirusScan

63 QuickTime VR Authoring Studio 1.0 – OTVR-production tool.

67 Final Effects Complete – Top video-effects collection grows.

Please note there is a single missing page which I apologise for

Posts relating to Australian Macworld magazine as hosted by have been scanned by myself and placed online to reflect the Apple Macintosh industry in Australia at the time of publication.  I took on this scanning project as I could not find a single entry online of Australian computer magazines related to Apple.  Please enjoy the high quality scans including advertisements which can be best bit!

You are welcome to contact me if you would like the original file as I can see has applied some unwanted processing to the PDF.

David Menere was the original owner.


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