Scanned Books

Macintosh Programmers Workshop 2.0

Macintosh Programmers Workshop 2.0
A fantastic book worth flipping / scrolling through by any Macintosh enthusiast.

Macintosh Programmers Workshop p001.jpg

Please note two pages are missing – p. 735-736, every effort made to locate them to no luck.

Pages are properly numbered in the PDF to match printed page.

Scanned approximately 6 times with various settings to get the best result and file size. The printed pages were textured and thin (pages bleeding through), which complicated image quality 🙂

ISBN 0-553-34436-6
All Rights Reserved. Copyright   1987 by Joel West. Cover design   1987 by Bantam Books. Interior design by Nancy Sugihara. Produced by Micro Text Productions, Inc.

Scanned Books

M68000 16/32-Bit Microprocessor Programmer’s Reference Manual 4th Edition

M68000 16 32-Bit Microprocessor Programmer's Reference Manual 4th Edition p_001.jpg

Scanned on a Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 with a custom workflow to create the best possible PDF.

This book is ideal for anyone as it explains a little history behind the CPU as well as instruction sets and exceptions.

ISBN 0-13-566795-X
© 1984, 1982, 1980, 1979 by Motorola lnc.

I have numbered the PDF pages to ensure the printed page matches your PDF page.  Thank you