Macintosh Programmers Workshop 2.0

Macintosh Programmers Workshop 2.0
A fantastic book worth flipping / scrolling through by any Macintosh enthusiast.

Macintosh Programmers Workshop p001.jpg

Please note two pages are missing – p. 735-736, every effort made to locate them to no luck.

Pages are properly numbered in the PDF to match printed page.

Scanned approximately 6 times with various settings to get the best result and file size. The printed pages were textured and thin (pages bleeding through), which complicated image quality 🙂

ISBN 0-553-34436-6
All Rights Reserved. Copyright   1987 by Joel West. Cover design   1987 by Bantam Books. Interior design by Nancy Sugihara. Produced by Micro Text Productions, Inc.


2 thoughts on “Macintosh Programmers Workshop 2.0

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  1. Although slower, to stop the bleed though with thin paper I put a sheet of black plastic behind the page. The second pages print is obscured.


    1. In this case the MPW was scanned 4 times with various tricks to get me where I’m at now. The actual printed pages have the bleed but thank you for the suggestion – I have more scanning to do where this trick might come in handy


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