Captain Planet and the Planeteers: A World Below Us, VHS transfer

Captain Planet and the Planeteers
Double episode cassette released in Australia by Roadshow entertainment © 1990 Turner Home Entertaintment and DiC Enterprises.
The following descriptions are keyed from the rear of the VHS


A World Below Us
Ma-Ti and Gi are cursing in the Eco-Copter when Sly Sludge blasts them with toxic waste, which sends them crashing into the sea. Underwater, they discover the lost city Oceanus, which is on the verge of ruin! Sludge has been dumping tons of toxins into the ocean, which are destroying sea life and eating through the dome that protects Oceanus. Captain Planet arrives, transforms himself into a ball of flames and repairs the damaged city dome.

Littlest Planeteer

Dr Blight’s newly-fashioned Smog Monster attacks a school bus which the Planeteers save from destruction. A small boy from the bus jumps aboard the Geo-Cruiser and helps the Paneteers fight of the beast, which keeps growing by consuming smoke and other air pollutants!  Captain Planet arrives and turns the Smog Monster into a statue – placing it in a devastated park – as a grim reminder of the dangers of air pollution.

Like Widget, this is a personal VHS rip done to with the best quality possible.  And just like Widget there is a copyright claim on the video which forces advertisements, of which i receive nothing, so please enjoy me uploading something the claimant couldn’t do but gets paid for.



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