Build A Book About You, Apple II software with manual

Build A Book About You.  Scarborough Systems, Inc.,
Children can create a story with friends and pets names to print out and make their own book.

The following ZIP file contains both sides of the disk tested workingand the manual scanned as a PDF (photocopied source).

Manually keyed for the magazine Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Nov 1985:

Your own computer can help you play Santa Claus with Build a Book About You, a software program for creating personalized children’s books.  The software asks you to enter a name and an assortment of facts, such as the child’s birthday, address and friend’s names and a pet’s name.  All these become part of the story that you print out on illustrated pages that come with the software.  Then you bind the book into a hard cover.  

What you get is a book like other children’s books, only personalised.  The basic $40 kit includes the disk and materials for two books, The Master of Scented Mountain and The Holiday Dragon. Materials to crate two more books using the original software costs $20.

The recommended ages are 2 to 12, but the stories might bore a child older than about 4.  Older children might enjoy using the software to create their own books.  

Build A Book About You.  Scarborough Systems, Inc., 55 S. Broadway, Tarrytown, N.Y 10591; 914-332-4545; $40 for Apple II series.  Commodore 64 and IBM PC, XT and PCjr.


Disks and photocopied manual from John Hill.




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