Microzine 7 with manual, Apple II Educational Software

This post will compliment 4am’s upcoming release of Microzine 7.
A photocopied version of the manual was given to me in a huge box from John Hill in Sydney NSW along with the software.  I have cleaned it up extensively and present the best possible version from my source as a PDF.

The disk images are packaged with both sides as working, which to my knowledge was previously not available online.


Manual keyed:

In this issue of Microzine…
… you’ll find BRAIN DRAIN, Microzine’s first Twistaventure™.  In this space adventure you will “graduate” from Moon Scout to Star Scout if you fly a successful Friendship Mission to a storage planet.  Should be as easy as 3-2-1-blastoff…until you meet the evil villain Pnowo Ledge.

Also in this issue of Microzine
… you’ll find SURVEY TAKER.  What’s your classmates’ favourite book or TV show? Take a survey to find out! And see the results displayed on a bar graph.

And that’s not all…
Use a construction worker to crate your own city scenes with City Blocks.  You can save your scenes and print them out!

Also check out Back Page.  You’ll find a letter from the editor, letters from wizkids (like you!), a tricky puzzle, and Micro-toon, an electronic comic strip!





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