Dinosaur Discovery, Australian Apple II educational software with manual

Dinosaur Discovery by Jacaranda Wiley
Needs work that I can’t determine: Game boots from disk one, uses data from disk 2 – loads fine on real Apple II.  However in an emulator, it is stuck on please wait.

Presented here are both disks and the Dinosaur Discovery manual, workbook, poster, certificate:

Aim of the program
Dinosaur Discovery is a problem-solving and experiential learning activity that requires a number of reading skills to be applied to a game Children will need to
• read and comprehend text in a variety of forms,
• discriminate between fact and fiction,
• take notes for later use,
• find main ideas,
• check cross-references,.
• read tables of information, and
• make logical deductions. (manual p1)


The manual was from a photocopied source and has been cleaned up, page by page in photoshop from an almost unusbale source.  Being Australian and not available anywhere else, I decided to restore it until the real thing comes along (pigs can fly, right?)


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