Blinky Bill – The Red Car and Blinky The Teacher, Australian 2 episode VHS transfer


Life for Blinky Bill is always exciting in the newly rebuilt village of Greenpatch. Dorothy Wall’s endearing characters are never far from adventure. Join Blinky and his friends in two more lively episodes from the ABC Television series.

A red car is for sale in New Greenpath and Blinky’s gang and the Dingos both want it. Their attempts to raise the money for it create havoc in the town – especially at the school. The Dingos eventually get the car, but son discover it’s not the boon they thought it was.

When the School Inspector comes to New Greenpatch, Blinky is so mischievous that Miss Magpie quits her job rather than face the sack. However Blinky’s plan backfires when he is appointed the new teacher. Blinky finds the job – and his friends – harder to manage than he expected and is soon asking Miss Magpie to come back as teacher.

Produced and Directed by Yoram Gross
(C) 1994 Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Digital VHS transfer.


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