More Apple II software preserved

The aim of this blog post is to put it out there that more titles have been preserved in EDD format and need cracking.

Added to my repository of Apple II software here:

▪    Murder on the Mississippi, Activision (EDD)
▪    The Mask of the Sun, Broderbund (EDD)
▪    Law of the West, Activision (EDD)
▪    Borrowed Time, Activision (EDD)
▪    Murder On The Mississippi (EDD)
▪    Sherlock Holmes – The Riddle of the Crown Jewels, Infocom (EDD)
▪    Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego, Dealer demo (EDD)

Where possible I have scanned the matching disk labels too which are individually named and stored in respective folders.

Imaging of these software titles was a trying process as I needed to clean each disk using a wet process.  The result is a disk that reads edge to edge.  Testing includes booting and playing them, and the Verify option in Passport by 4am.

Please enjoy the growing body of work in my Google drive link.


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