Minus Mission, DLM. Apple II Educational software with manual

Presented here is a combination of 4AM’s release of the cracked disk image and my scan of the manual for Minus Mission by DLM.

Scroll to down to M:


————-Minus Mission————-
A 4am crack 2017-06-28

Name: Minus Mission
Version: 1985 revision
Genre: educational
Year: 1985
Credits: Jerry Chaffin, Bill Maxwell,
Barbara Thompson
1985 revision by Allen Colebank
Publisher: Developmental Learning Materials
Platform: Apple ][+ or later
Media: single-sided 5.25-inch floppy
OS: Diversi-DOS C1983

This disk was automatically cracked by
Passport. Here is the transcript:


Reading from S6,D1
T00,S00 Found Diversi-DOS bootloader
Using disk’s own RWTS
Writing to RAM disk
T00,S03,$91: AA -> DE
T00,S03,$9B: DE -> AA
T00,S03,$35: AA -> DE
T00,S03,$3F: DE -> AA
T00,S06,$AE: AA -> DE
T00,S06,$B3: DE -> AA
T00,S02,$9E: AA -> DE
T00,S02,$A3: DE -> AA
Writing to S6,D2
Crack complete.


More information and source code is
available at

Quod erat liberandum.

Minus Mission 1985 screen 1 - titleMinus Mission 1985 screen 2 - creditsMinus Mission 1985 screen 3 - main menuMinus Mission 1985 screen 4 - program controlsSErepair001


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