Explorer’s Database (1986) Know Ware, Australian Apple II Software

The program covers the exploration of Australia by land and sea from 1536 and 1900. It is based on extensive research and is a significant contribution to the recording of Australian history.

  • Disk 1. General files, stories, view file, word search
  • Disk 2. Calculator, database, maps, printer.

The Explorers’ database /​ Allan House
Other Authors
House, Allan.
Fazzolare, Michael.
Solyom, John.
Helensburgh, N.S.W. : Know Ware, 1986.



Data base covering the exploration of Australia by land and sea from 1536-1900. Includes notes on the general history of Australian exploration; personal stories of explorers; maps of major journeys and calculator facility to analyse numeric fields on the data base. To encourage problem solving using a data base and develop analytical, interpretive and research skills.

System requirements:

System requirements: Apple II+, IIc, IIe, IIgs; one disk drive; video monitor or TV (monochrome preferred); printer.

Intended for Middle Primary to Middle Secondary students.

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Managing the Australian Economy, Australian Apple II Software

Managing the Australian Economy is a basic game for students to play through policy changes and the projected effect on the economy.  Runs on Apple II Plus and above. Single sided.

Copyright Heriot-Watt University
Enquiries to Kevin McKenna Western Australian Institute of Technology

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The Autonomous House, Australian Apple II Software

The Autonomous House was published by the Victorian Solar Energy Council.  This software aimed to educate students on the benefits of solar panels and how to effectively install them at home.  One feature is graphing the cost savings of solar hot water which is based on your circumstances such as people at home and direction panels will face.

This software can be used by itself but was issued as part of a pack, which contained a VHS video and worksheets. While Libraries Australia have a catalogue entry for this pack, no items are available either as a holding or for loan.  Included in my folder for this title is a printed PDF of the catalogue entry, showing:

Trove entry Autonomous house

The software runs from a double sided disk and in 80-column mode.  Tested on an Apple IIGS and OpenEmulator.

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The Autonomous HouseOpenEmulator003The Autonomous HouseOpenEmulator002The Autonomous HouseOpenEmulator004

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