Explorer’s Database (1986) Know Ware, Australian Apple II Software

The program covers the exploration of Australia by land and sea from 1536 and 1900. It is based on extensive research and is a significant contribution to the recording of Australian history.

  • Disk 1. General files, stories, view file, word search
  • Disk 2. Calculator, database, maps, printer.

The Explorers’ database /​ Allan House
Other Authors
House, Allan.
Fazzolare, Michael.
Solyom, John.
Helensburgh, N.S.W. : Know Ware, 1986.



Data base covering the exploration of Australia by land and sea from 1536-1900. Includes notes on the general history of Australian exploration; personal stories of explorers; maps of major journeys and calculator facility to analyse numeric fields on the data base. To encourage problem solving using a data base and develop analytical, interpretive and research skills.

System requirements:

System requirements: Apple II+, IIc, IIe, IIgs; one disk drive; video monitor or TV (monochrome preferred); printer.

Intended for Middle Primary to Middle Secondary students.

Scroll down to E for Explore



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