How Many?, Australian Educational Apple II software

How Many? is an interesting piece of educational software, as it has the user learn about animal population control and density.  It poses the questions such as how many Kangaroos’ or fish are there in an area you plot on a map then guess the population. It comes back with an actual population which is significantly higher than your guess.  I guess it wants you to realise the value of “capture-mark-release” programs to track animal welfare.

Turn off your colour burst for best legibility.

(C) Prologic Pty Ltd 1984, All rights reserved.
Unit 6, 663 Victoria Street, Abbotsford VIC 2067


Scroll to H for How Many

Pascal boot loader

Using built-in RWTS

T20,S03 Found A6BC95 protection check

T20,S03,$1C: AE -> 60

Crack complete. Passport by 4am 2017-11-14


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