Slide Shop by Scholastic Software, Apple II Software with extras

Presented here for the first time is Slide Shop, published by Scholastic Software.  A total of 5 disk images are provided – program; clip art; fonts and borders; scenes and templates.  This powerful software allows you to make slides like PowerPoint but with fun graphics.  Nothing quite like it comes to find in modern software equivalents!  I’m thinking MicroM8’s Apple II emulator with colour printing support might be perfect for Slide Shop.  How I managed to find all this in Australia and have it not be online is beyond me.

Best displayed on real hardware = Color Composite monitor or OpenEmulator with matching template (software makes good use of colour fringing tricks)
Software created by George Brackett – not the first of his I have preserved. 1988-1989.  Runs great on the IIGS in Fast mode but RGB graphics are a little rougher than I’d like.

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  1. I came across a copy on a disk image from another Apple II site (the name of which escapes me) and I was really struck how good a Power Point clone it really was. I’ll have to check out the extra disks to make sure the single 3.5″ disk version included all that was included on the separate 5.25″ disks.

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