The Robot Book, Richard Pawson

ISBN: 0863990665

Enjoy this unique, creative and historical book about Robots and home computers. It is highly relevant to the Apple II and wider vintage computing community and robot enthusiasts.  This was a difficult scan and the source was ‘well loved’ shall we say.  However content is king and you’ll enjoy Richard Pawson’s book as it is well illustrated, easy to read and full of photos.  This is the first time a high resolution cover scan is available on the internet, let alone the full book.

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From the back cover
“The Robot Book

  • Is a beginner’s guide to the entire field of robotics, from fictional and toy robots, how robots work, robots used in education and industry, to the future of robots
  • Is written in a clear and simple language, and assumes no mathematical, technical, electronic or computer knowledge
  • Presents an up-to-date account of current robotics research and new robot products
  • Provides full step-by-step constructional details for more than a dozen robots you can built yourself and control from a home computer. Most projects require no special tools or skills
  • Is illustrated throughout with photographs, drawing and explanatory diagrams
  • Is written by one of Britain’s leading communicators in robotics and computer
  • Will appear to people interested in new technology, to home computer owners, hobbyists and those wishing to keep up with a changing society. “

PDF pages should match the printed page, with countless pages being re-touched in photoshop to smooth out wear and tear.  The book was bound by thread in 10 sections, all requiring manual stitch like removal and trimming.  The source was ACT Libraries ‘cancelled’ copy that I personally borrowed as a young child and later bought at a charity book sale.

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