Electronics Australia and Electronics Today magazine 1982-1985, as scanned by Jeremy


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Presented here is everything I have for Electronics Australia and Electronics Today magazine. The CD player and optical media were introduced to market in the timeframe of magazines uploaded here so you really get a sense of how much of a game changer this technology was.  As the magazines are Australian, you get the ‘News’ section in each issue as a reminder of how radio, telecommunications and television have evolved.  All the Rod Irving and Dick Smith ads are great too.

Scanning these was hard! Never the less I worked around ‘High Sierra PDF bugs’ and ‘ScanSnap is too dumbed down’ by literally scanning the colour pages separately to the yellowed text pages and making a workflow to combine them into one PDF file.  Most pages were scanned in greyscale (opposed to space saving B&W) to better preserve detail in the photos.


Electronics Australia 1982-01.pdf
Electronics Australia 1982-05.pdf
Electronics Australia 1982-06.pdf
Electronics Australia 1982-07.pdf
Electronics Australia 1982-08.pdf
Electronics Australia 1982-11.pdf
Electronics Australia 1982-12.pdf
Electronics Australia 1983-01.pdf
Electronics Australia 1983-02.pdf
Electronics Australia 1983-03.pdf
Electronics Australia 1983-04.pdf
Electronics Australia 1983-05.pdf
Electronics Australia 1983-06.pdf
Electronics Australia 1983-07.pdf
Electronics Australia 1983-08.pdf
Electronics Australia 1983-09.pdf
Electronics Australia 1983-10.pdf
Electronics Australia 1984-02.pdf
Electronics Australia 1984-04.pdf
Electronics Australia 1984-06.pdf
Electronics Australia 1984-07.pdf
Electronics Australia 1984-08.pdf
Electronics Australia 1984-09.pdf
Electronics Australia 1984-10.pdf
Electronics Australia 1985-07.pdf
Electronics Today 1984-08.pdf
Electronics Today 1984-09.pdf
Electronics Today 1984-10.pdf
Electronics Today 1984-11.pdf
Electronics Today 1984-12.pdf
Electronics Today 1986-02.pdf
Electronics Today International 1974-12.pdf

Please note the file “Electronics Australia Compilation archive JBH.pdf” refers to a very different set of pages to the rest. The original owner of the source pages took apart Electronics Australia and saved the front cover and maybe one or two articles he liked.  They were given to me and are scanned as is.  The front covers are beautiful though, even if they were terribly warped from water damage.  The other files are full-text.


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