The Riddle of the Trumpalar

Navigate through: Apple II Software -> The Riddle of the Trumpalar, 800kb Apple II NSW Education Department

Presented here is a new disk image for The Riddle of Trumpalar.

From the title screen:

  • (C) 1990 NSW Department of School Education
  • Computer Education Unit (CEU)
  • Schoolware
  • Version 1.0
  • Project Coordinator – Eleanor Igoe
  • Programming – Peter Gummer; Adrian Brell; Paul Jenner
  • Illustrations – Perc Williar
  • Based on a novel by Judy Bernard-Waite by arrangement with Ashton Scholastic

It is tedious to play though – hint enter a number when it asks where to move as in number of steps north.

As far as I can tell this is a unique disk image and not available elsewhere.

Hardware capture: 800kb disk image on Floppy Emu in Apple II 3.5 mode, Smartport on Apple IIGS, boot to BASIC, PR#5 -> Capture in 1080p from Extron scaler then screenshots on Mac.  I do not know how to emulate an 800kb disk image in Apple II mode in an emulator on Mac so I had to use real hardware.  I discovered after recording everything that the aspect ratio was wrong so please excuse the slightly vertically compressed image.

Disk image provided by Lesley Ayling, NSW Australia. 

the riddle of the trumpalar 002the riddle of the trumpalar 003the riddle of the trumpalar 004the riddle of the trumpalar 005

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