Bumper Books of Programs Australia

A Your Computer Publication “Bumper Book of Programs”, covering programs for all ages and popular brands.  I scanned this book becuase it has a large list of Australian Computer Clubs such, ranging from the Blue Mountains Microbee Computer Club (Roger Cooper) to the Spectravideo Computer Users Group in Tasmania.

Worthwhile to have online.  PDF available by navigating Scanned Book and Magazine Collection -> General Vintage Computing Books -> Bumper Books of Programs Australia.pdf


Screen Shot 2020-01-05 at 12.51.14 pm.jpg

The book was partially water damaged so I had to restore the front cover in photoshop the best I could, and one or two pages are missing the very edge of the page.

Electronics Australia – A Basic Guide to Colour TVs and VCRs

PDF available by nagvigating through Scanned Book and Magazine Collection -> Repair


Presented online is the Electronics Australia publication of A Basic Guide to Colour TVs and VCRs by David Botto.  “An in-depth look at the operation of both colour TV receivers and video recorders”.

I scanned this so that people getting back into cathode ray sets and VHS machines could have a reference book about PAL colour signals and using a scope to measure ranges.  Certainly a niche publication but valuable none the less.  I can’t think of any Australia broadcast reference materials that are online.

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