Microsoft Technology Workshop – Windows for Workgroups beta

The aim of this blog post is to highlight my archive of a booklet and disk images that come from the Microsoft Sales Partner program (early 1990s).

In the folder “Microsoft Sales Partner”.

The archive is of:

– A spiral bound booklet

– A purpose made container of floppy disks

The booklet is titled “Technology Workshop”

The container is bradned “Microsoft Sales Partner – Windows NT Technical Briefing”

I have scanned the booklet as: “Microsoft Technology Workshop – Windows for Workgroups beta booklet scan.pdf”.  The colour cover was scanned using an Epson V700 Perfection at 1200dpi, post-processed in Adobe Photoshop with Sattva descreen and Jeremy magic.  All other pages were scanned using a Fujitsu ScanScap ix500 at 1200dpi with a custom post processing worfklow.  The final PDF file has been OCR’d using Tesseract 4.0 and compressed losslessy using JBIG2.

The four (4) high-density (HD) floppy disks were imaged and also files extracted to a folder.  The Microsfot Word for Windows 3.0 ‘docs’ were converted to PDF using Word 97 and Nuance PDF maker.  

Thank you to the late Mike Patterson for saving these and his daughter Sue in her efforts to donate them to me.  

The documents cover topics such as the transition to TrueType (TT) fonts; advancements in networking including AppleTalk compatibility; Multimedia and Memory management.

If you’ve ever used Microsoft Windows 3.11 then you’ll enjoy this booklet on all the work Microsoft was putting into the features and OS in general. You may like to mount the disk images in a VM to view the Microsoft Powerpoint for Windows 3.0 runtime too!

Be sure to open the PDF conversion folder for an accessible way to view the supplied .DOC files as extracted from the floppy disks.

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