Sony RM-854 / Everything I know including a new Android based replacement

Hi everyone. The SONY PVM-2950 features an onscreen display and service menu that require a remote control with certain buttons to operate. For example number 12 on the remote is used to save values changed in service mode, not a common button on general SONY TV remotes.
Included here is an Android replacement. Open the folder “RM-854 Remote codes and IR Plus layout” here:

There you’ll find the Android APK for IR Plus (free version) and an export of my codes and layout. Simply copy the file ‘SONY – PVM-2950 RM-854 Jeremy.irplus’ to the app’s Android Data folder, open the app, press import then SD. Immediately you’ll have my remote available which includes a special button called Service – a macro that sequences the service pattern with 500ms delay between signals. Tested working (remember monitor needs to be in standby).

IR Plus is free and compiled for devices on Android 4 and above which makes it ideal for use with old Samsung Galaxy devices with built in IR blasters.
The final result of my layout is shown below, again all you need to do is import my file to have this pop up:

I hope this helps anyone stuck for a Sony TV remote looking for either a direct replacement for their missing RM-854 like me.

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