Captain Spellright, Education Department of Victoria, Apple II software WOZ

Released for preservation purposes is Captain Spellright.  This software seems to be for use in a classroom where a teacher can run reports and set an appropriate level of spelling challenges to the selectable age group. Unfortunately it breaks when I type a name.

I called the phone number on the second screenshot and spoke to Mrs. Robson who kindly explains her husband loved the Apple II but passed away many years ago.

Scroll to C for Captain:

Capt.Spellright - Disk 1, Side A 001.a2r.jpeg

Capt.Spellright - Disk 1, Side A 002.a2r.jpg

Capt.Spellright - Disk 1, Side A 003.a2r.jpg

Capt.Spellright - Disk 1, Side A.a2r

Capt.Spellright - Disk 1, Side A.png

Capt.Spellright - Disk 1, Side A.woz

Capt.Spellright - Disk 1, Side B.a2r

Capt.Spellright - Disk 1, Side B.png

Capt.Spellright - Disk 1, Side B.woz

Capt.Spellright.wozzing 2018-10-13 at 3.07.10 PM.png

Scarborough – Mastertype’s Writer (ElectroData production sample), Apple II software in WOZ format

Presented here is an A2R and WOZ disk image for Scarborough – Mastertype’s Writer , labelled ElectroData production sample.

It does not boot past the title screen.

Scroll to M for Master:


Scarborough - Disk 1, Side A.png

Scarborough - Disk 1, Side A.a2rScarborough - Mastertypes Writer (ElectroData production sample) front

Personal Investment Management System by STAPTRON, Australian Apple II software in WOZ format

Presented online for archival purposes is Personal Investment Management System by STAPTRON, Australia.  Included are:

  • The handwritten letter folded into the disk sleeve showing the password (BC)
  • Disk label and sleeve scans
  • Full A2R image and converted WOZ
  • PNG Render of the disk’s flux transitions
  • Screenshots of the software running under emulation with a CPM Softcard in Slot 2

This software allows the user to enter ‘deals’ to a financial database such as the purchase or sale of shares and other investments.  Reports can be generated from the deals and at the ‘end of the month’ you can zero amounts owed.
Published by STAPTRON Computer Consultants.  PO Box 445, Castle Hill 2154. 1980’s phone (02) 634 1311.

Two copies of this software exist with the second being distributed by Imagineering Australia / NZ (included).

Scroll to P for Personal:

Personal Investment Management System - Disk 1, Side A

PIMS STAPTRON disk sleevePIMSScreen1PIMSScreen2PIMSScreen3

Community credits:

Michael Mulhurn for investing and supporting the AppleSauce disk imaging product, and generous use of the machine at WozFest and future events

Leslie Ayling for hands on setup of AppleSauce sync sensor and enthusiasm

Sean McNamara for saving the disks from the skip and his community efforts to bring everyone together so preservation efforts like this can flourish.

Jeremy Barr-Hyde for scanning, disk image testing, hosting and donation of Apple Disk II drive (Shugart).

Melody Shop Booster Pack Plus, Scholastic – Complete boxed Apple II software

Last month I released Slide Shop for the Apple II.  This boxed software supports Slide Shop and Story Teller Deluxe by allowing you to both compose and add your music to the slides.  A nice mouse driven UI.
Included in the archive are:
– Complete box art scans
– Manual scans
– Disk image (no copy protection) with label scan
– Screenshots from AppleColor Composite monitor
– Warranty registration card

Scroll to M for Melody:


Winnie The Pooh in the Hundred Acre Wood, Sierra Walt Disney – Complete Apple II software

Presented here is the complete box set of Winnie The Pooh in the Hundred Acre Wood.  Other versions exist online but nothing all in one place and interestingly my box and manual are quite different to exisiting release.
Freshly scanned
– Manual (new version, 1200dpi)
– Box art
– Disk label
– Large map
– Screenshots of AppleColor Composite monitor
– Disk images as cracked by Passport by 4am

I have previously released a Donald Duck title by Walt Disney Personal Computer Software, so this release compliments that nicely.

Scroll to W for Winnie:


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