Police Artist (Sir-Tech Software)

Presented here are full box art scans along with included documentation and disk label scans.  Disk images are pending.

Graphics created with the aid of the Graphics Magician (noteworthy considering KansasFest 2019 Keynote).

“Police Artist includes 3 different colorful games that draw over 1,000,000 unique faces.  Each face has his or her own distinctive name and personality.  All three games challenge and strengthen your ability to accurately see and remember a face.  If you always forget a face and want to do something about it, Police Artist is for you.”  Copyright 1983 by Elizabeth Levin.

Donated by Leslie Ayling.

JB Retro Collect repository 
Click and navigate to Apple II Software, scroll to P for “Police Artist (Sir-Tech Software)”. 

Police Artist005 frontPolice Artist006 rear



In Search of the Most Amazing Thing, Apple II software (Complete scans) WOZ

Presented here are full scans of the box art and included manual, book, Spinnaker catalogue and disk images.

By Tom Snyder Productions and Spinnaker software present a game for ages 10-Adult.  “The Most Amazing Thing is out there somewhere.  It won’t be easy to find it.  But even when you do, finding it again will be a brand new challenge.”  Copyright 1983.

Donated by Leslie Ayling for scanning and archive by JB Retro Collect.

JB Retro Collect repository 
Click and navigate to Apple II Software, scroll to I for “In Search of the Most Amazing Thing (Spinnaker) WOZ”. 

InSearchOfTheMo frontInSearchOfTheMo rearSpinnaker CatalogueIncluded BookInSearchOfTheMo diskIn Search of the Most Amazing Thing - Disk 1, Side A

Mind Over Minors, AI for the Apple II with manual WOZ

Presented online is the book and Apple II software “Mind Over Minors” as published by Human Edge.

“Mind Over Minors is a tool designed to give you an increased understanding of your child.  It will help you identify specific strengths and weaknesses in your child as well as yourself.  Suggestions for the best way to motivate, manage and discipline your child are made based on the personalities involved.”  ISBN 0-924442-02-6

The book accompanies a 2 disk set of the Parent’s Version only.  The manual and book suggest it was sold in two editions, one for parents and one for teachers.  Unfortunately I do not have the Teacher version.   Disks images as WOZ and A2R.  I can not remember how to make a .DSK from a WOZ so please use a WOZ affirmative emulator.

JB Retro Collect repository 
Click and navigate to Apple II Software, scroll to M for “Mind Over Minors (Human Edge) WOZ”. 

Donated by Leslie Ayling

Mind Over Minors002.jpg


Mind Over Minors003.jpg

Formula 1 Racer, Gentry Software Apple II WOZ


Presented here are full scans of the box art, disk label, manual as scanned for JB Retro and donated by Leslie Ayling.  Also included in the archive are disk images for all users (WOZ, A2R and DSK 4am crack).

Forumula 1 racer018 front.jpg

“Race against the clock in this test of quick reactions and steady nerves.  You drive your Formula 1 Racer around a twisting course, swerving to avoid other racers and – WATCH OUT! – round signs.

As your shift into overdrive your speed increases, and you cover more miles and earn more points.  But you may have to downshift quickly as you enter a sharp curve at dangerous speeds.

As your skill improves, you can advance from noice to intermediate – and then to expert!” Copyright 1983 Gentry Software ™.

JB Retro Collect repository
Click and navigate to Apple II Software, scroll to F for “Formula 1 Racer (Gentry) WOZ”. 

Forumula 1 racer019 rearForumula 1 racer020 disk label

The Australian Government Database, Know Ware [Complete]

Navigate to Apple II Software, scroll to T for The Australian

Presented online is a complete archive of the Apple II software, The Australian Government Database by Know Ware (1991).

I found the software very easy to use and is even more relevant in 2019 as the country seems to be ruled by politics opposed to traditional governance.  One fact was I did not know Australian took the best established policies from nations such as America and Switzerland and distilled them into our constitution.

This software is a real gem in Australian software, lost to world and not even held by the National Library of Australia. No holdings exist.  Although my mother did say ‘If you want something done properly, you best do it yourself!’.


Google Chrome001.jpg

In addition to the disk images, a full scan of the folder cover, manual and disk labels are included.

Donated by Ashley Snare.



Days of the Week

Navigate to Apple II Software, scroll to D for Days

A quirky of disk of 13 programs to play around with days of the week, spelling, multiplication and grammar.  The title game appears the most polished with  custom fonts and colour, but the rest of the disk is 40-column text only.  Odd titles like Alphabagels lets you type three letters then it appends them with random words like ‘bagel’ for fun. Enough said really.

(C) 1980, Appleswap


Flowers of Crystal, 4Mation

Navigate to Apple II Software, scroll to F for Flowers

An interesting upload is Flowers of Crystal by the British publisher 4Mation.  I was the first to publish their Apple II version of ‘Grannies Garden’ online (Donated by Leslie Ayling) and here is another 4Mation title.   I understand they ported their games to three platforms – The BBC, Microbee and Apple II.  No manual for this but the disk label is provided.

The game plays like an interactive story book with large font.  Donated by Ashley Snare



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