The Australian Government Database, Know Ware [Complete]

Navigate to Apple II Software, scroll to T for The Australian

Presented online is a complete archive of the Apple II software, The Australian Government Database by Know Ware (1991).

I found the software very easy to use and is even more relevant in 2019 as the country seems to be ruled by politics opposed to traditional governance.  One fact was I did not know Australian took the best established policies from nations such as America and Switzerland and distilled them into our constitution.

This software is a real gem in Australian software, lost to world and not even held by the National Library of Australia.  I am truly floored at the fact no holdings exist.  Although my mother did say ‘If you want something done properly, you best do it yourself!’.

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In addition to the disk images, a full scan of the folder cover, manual and disk labels are included.

Donated by Ashley Snare.




Days of the Week

Navigate to Apple II Software, scroll to D for Days

A quirky of disk of 13 programs to play around with days of the week, spelling, multiplication and grammar.  The title game appears the most polished with  custom fonts and colour, but the rest of the disk is 40-column text only.  Odd titles like Alphabagels lets you type three letters then it appends them with random words like ‘bagel’ for fun. Enough said really.

(C) 1980, Appleswap


Flowers of Crystal, 4Mation

Navigate to Apple II Software, scroll to F for Flowers

An interesting upload is Flowers of Crystal by the British publisher 4Mation.  I was the first to publish their Apple II version of ‘Grannies Garden’ online (Donated by Leslie Ayling) and here is another 4Mation title.   I understand they ported their games to three platforms – The BBC, Microbee and Apple II.  No manual for this but the disk label is provided.

The game plays like an interactive story book with large font.  Donated by Ashley Snare



Science Explorers Skeletons, Scholastic

Navigate to Apple II Software, under S for Science

Presented online for the first time is Science Explorers Skeletons, published by  Scholastic Wizware. Copyright to Prentice Hall (C) 1990.

For the Apple II 128K comes a educational title that features fully animated high resolution graphics that look fantastic.  I’d day each screen has four frames of animation so the screenshots don’t do justice to this fun presentation of physiology.  Users play with yes or no questions, multiple choice facts and narration to learn about our skeletal system.

If you’re looking for seemingly endless Apple //e graphics then give this a shot.


San Mateo County Office of Education Softswap Disk 47

Navigate to Apple II Software, under S for San Mateo

How this made it from San Mateo, California to a tiny country town of WALLA WALLA NSW in the 1980s is a testament to piracy!  Anyway presented here is San Mateo County Office of Education Softswap Disk 47. features other disks from this series so I’m happy we’ve got another one online.

Donated by Ashley Snare.


Australian Oregon Trail – Outback Explorer, Dataworks [Complete]

Navigate to Apple II Software, under A for Australian

Making its online debut is Outback ExplorerAustralian’s clone answer to the wildly successful multi-platform Oregon Trail.   I say this as you plan for an expedition by purchasing live stock, water and equipment against a budget and time.  I am unsure if you can die from dysentry though!  Please play through it and let me know how far the similarities extend.

I chose to type sections from the manual to help detail bibliographic information

The author – Ian Holowoko, former deputy principal for the Victorian Ministry of Education.  Bachelor of Education degree from La Trobe University.  Other software includes Working with Words – Thesaurus Generator and Developing Living Skills.

Note: I would be so happy if these software titles surfaced!

The programmer – Grahame Willis of Monash University.

3.01 Introduction.  Outback Explorer simulates the exploration of unknown lands. Students must form and equip an expedition part and then set off on their adventures.  … You might be looking for gold or for new grazing land … or rescue survivors of a shipwreck.

Donated by Ashley Snare


Outback Explorer, Dataworks001Outback Explorer, Dataworks002Outback Explorer, Dataworks003

OpenEmulator001Outback Explorer resconstructed coverOpenEmulator002OpenEmulator003OpenEmulator004OpenEmulator005OpenEmulator006

Dragon World, 800kb Apple II

Navigate through: Apple II Software -> Dragon World, 800kb Apple II

Presented here is a new disk image for the Apple II version (famously BBC Micro) of Dragon World.

From the title screen:

  • Dataworks and 4Mation
  • (C) 1989
  • Apple II Version by G. WEGNER

Slightly musical in nature but froze on my IIGS which made playing through difficult. I know nothing more about this title sorry. dragon world 7002dragon world 7003dragon world 7004dragon world 7005dragon world 7006

As far as I can tell this is a unique disk image and not available elsewhere.  I found an Australian article about the programming here:

Hardware capture: 800kb disk image on Floppy Emu in Apple II 3.5 mode, Smartport on Apple IIGS, boot to BASIC, PR#5 -> Capture in 1080p from Extron scaler then screenshots on Mac.  I do not know how to emulate an 800kb disk image in Apple II mode in an emulator on Mac so I had to use real hardware.  I discovered after recording everything that the aspect ratio was wrong so please excuse the slightly vertically compressed image.

Disk image provided by Lesley Ayling, NSW Australia. 

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