Applecations – The Publication of the Apple Users Group – Sydney Australia as scanned by Jeremy Barr-Hyde


Presented here is a link to my ‘Scanned Magazines’ folder as shared on Google Drive where you’ll find my archive of 93 Applecations magazines.

The aim of this blog post is to give a page for reference online.

Applecations is publication by the Apple User’s Group of Sydney, Australia and features advertisements, member articles and content from around the world related to the Apple II computer and later incorporating the Macintosh.

These magazines are a true wealth of discussion and news with an Australian perspective on the industry and user scene.  Member’s Handbooks are included which have an Index for each year too.

I’d like to give credit to those names behind Applecations which include:

From July 1983
PRESIDENT - Bruce Kehlet
VICE PRES - Michael McGunness
Secretary - Colin Rutherford
Treasuer - Peter Kazacos
Committee - Ron Lombardo

From August 1986
VICEPRES - Don Riley
SECRETARY - Bob Cornwall
TREASURER - Peter Kazacos
EDITOR -Hans Hoffman 
COMMITTEE- Membership Recorder - Graham Clarke 
Mac meeting Convenor -Ed Ashworth
Asst. Mac S.I.G - Marius Coomans
SALES - Library & Bulk Purchase - Chris Wanigesekera
Bulletin Board SYSOPs - Andrew Riley, Matthew Barnes 
Asst. Librarians - Michael Funayama (Mac), Bob Bradshaw (//)
Special Activities - John Rotenstein, Bruce Stanley, Ed Mehrte

From May 1989
Editor: Hans Offman
Contributing Editor: Tony Szabo
Distribution: Graham Clarke
Advertising: John Paske

Each magazine was made suitable for scanning by sharply removing the spine and scanned with a Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 scanner.  Lengthy experimentation was done to establish a workflow that delivers sharp, truly black text and minimal page bleed-through.  If you notice a skew to the text it is in the original.

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Apple Users Group Newsletter, July 1981.pdf
Apple Users Group membership application form.pdf
Applecations April 1982.pdf
Applecations April 1983.pdf
Applecations April 1984.pdf
Applecations April 1985.pdf
Applecations April 1986.pdf
Applecations April 1987.pdf
Applecations April 1988.pdf
Applecations April 1989.pdf
Applecations April 1990.pdf
Applecations August 1982.pdf
Applecations August 1984.pdf
Applecations August 1985.pdf
Applecations August 1986.pdf
Applecations August 1987.pdf
Applecations August 1988.pdf
Applecations August 1989.pdf
Applecations December 1983.pdf
Applecations December 1987.pdf
Applecations February 1985.pdf
Applecations Jan:Feb 1982.pdf
Applecations Jan:Feb 1983.pdf
Applecations Jan:Feb 1984.pdf
Applecations Jan:Feb 1985.pdf
Applecations Jan:Feb 1986.pdf
Applecations Jan:Feb 1987.pdf
Applecations Jan:Feb 1988.pdf
Applecations Jan:Feb 1989.pdf
Applecations Jan:Feb 1990.pdf
Applecations July 1982.pdf
Applecations July 1983.pdf
Applecations July 1984.pdf
Applecations July 1985.pdf
Applecations July 1986.pdf
Applecations July 1987.pdf
Applecations July 1988.pdf
Applecations July 1989 (Cover Has Typo).pdf
Applecations July:August 1990.pdf
Applecations June 1982.pdf
Applecations June 1983.pdf
Applecations June 1984.pdf
Applecations June 1985.pdf
Applecations June 1986.pdf
Applecations June 1987.pdf
Applecations June 1988.pdf
Applecations June 1989.pdf
Applecations June 1990.pdf
Applecations March 1982.pdf
Applecations March 1983.pdf
Applecations March 1984.pdf
Applecations March 1986.pdf
Applecations March 1987.pdf
Applecations March 1988.pdf
Applecations March 1989.pdf
Applecations March 1990.pdf
Applecations May 1982.pdf
Applecations May 1983.pdf
Applecations May 1984.pdf
Applecations May 1985.pdf
Applecations May 1986.pdf
Applecations May 1987.pdf
Applecations May 1988.pdf
Applecations May 1989.pdf
Applecations May 1990.pdf
Applecations Nov:Dec 1982.pdf
Applecations Nov:Dec 1988.pdf
Applecations Nov:Dec 1989.pdf
Applecations Nov:Dec 1990.pdf
Applecations November 1983.pdf
Applecations November 1984.pdf
Applecations November 1985.pdf
Applecations November 1986.pdf
Applecations November 1987.pdf
Applecations October 1982.pdf
Applecations October 1983.pdf
Applecations October 1984.pdf
Applecations October 1985.pdf
Applecations October 1986.pdf
Applecations October 1987.pdf
Applecations October 1988.pdf
Applecations October 1989.pdf
Applecations October 1990.pdf
Applecations September 1982.pdf
Applecations September 1983.pdf
Applecations September 1984.pdf
Applecations September 1985.pdf
Applecations September 1986.pdf
Applecations September 1987.pdf
Applecations September 1989.pdf
Applecations September 1990.pdf
Applecations September.pdf
Members Handbook 1986-1987.pdf
Members Handbook 1987 And Index Of Applecations.pdf
Members Handbook 1990 - Apple User's Group Sydney.pdf
Rules of the Apple Users Group (Sydney).pdf
Software Library Listing of the Apple Users Group Sydney Australia.pdf

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