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Apple //c manual scans

In addition to the IIGS manual photo scans, I brought home an Apple //c manual from KansasFest to scan each individual photo in the manual.  A collage was made of the best as shown but included here for scrolling through are the individual example photos where the manual demonstrates, for example inserting a disk.

Chater 1 2 page spread the apple IIc and computer systemCollagesdrive door downIIc and candykeyboardmain lgic board and chipsmeet your aple iicmonitor on and iicpaddles and joystickpaddles, modem, drive, mouseplotter, disk drive and mouseprintersputting the apple IIc to workrear of iicremoving a floppyreset and protect]side viewteal bag with accesoriesApple presents the Apple IIc an interactive owner's guide frontthe inside storyApple IIc Manual2

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Apple IIGS Manual – scans of chapter photos (complete)

KansasFest 2017 had an abundance of Apple IIGS manuals for giveaway which was perfect for me to flick through and compare them.  I found two versions with very different stock photograph and decided to unbind the two manuals for high resolution scanning.  Each page was scanned on an Epson Perfection V700 scanner and individually levelled and joined in Adobe photoshop.

Find the full resolution, uncompressed TIFFs and processed JPGs at my publicly shared Google Drive.  Navigate: Manuals and documentation scans -> IIGS Manual Glamour photos

Enjoy scrolling through!Apple IIGS Manual front cover.jpg



IIGSGlamour pianoIIGSGlamour032IIGSGlamour030IIGSGlamour028IIGSGlamour026IIGSGlamour024aIIGSGlamour022IIGSGlamour020IIGSGlamour018IIGSGlamour016IIGSGlamour014IIGSGlamour012IIGSGlamour010IIGSGlamour008

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OSBORNE 16-bit Microprocessor Handbook, Book scan

Presented here is a vintage reference book on 16-Bit Microprocessors.  In the folder Book Scans

Authors: Adam Osborne, Gerry Kane
ISBN: 0913988438
Copyright: McGraw-Hill 1975-1981
Pages: 803


Examples of content:

  • National Semiconductor PACE and INS8900
  • General Instrument CP1600
  • Texas Instruments TI TMS 9900, 9980, 9940
  • Single Chip Nova Minicomputer Central Processing Units
  • Intel 8086
  • Zilog Z8000
  • Motorola MC68000
  • 2900 series Chip Slice products


Exclusive release · Published in Australia · Scanned Magazines

More Australian computer magazines scanned 1980s-1990s

More magazines have been scanned and uploaded to my publicly shared Google Drive.  Double click or tap Magazine scans

Be sure to view your PDF files as full screen, two page booklet mode for two page advertisements to be displayed correct. More than one PDF or file can be downloaded at once and saved as a ZIP file.


Your Computer was Australian publication that covered news and articles related to popular home computers in the market at the time (late 80s).  Apple II, IIGS, Commodore/Amiga and IBM compatibles are covered. Scans of this magazine are relevant to modern interest.  A quick scroll through the PDF files shows news about upcoming products and the time frame around them.  An example is the evolution of home printing, as we have come from the 40-column Daisy Wheel type to affordable laser printing at 1200dpi.

Your Computer is loaded with advertisements for Australian local businesses and dealers.  This allows for easy comparison of prices and value to modern products.  I combine the date of the magazine and price listed with the RBA’s Inflation Calculator to compare.  The entry-level Epson LX-86 is listed for $495 and would cost $1,261.95AUD in 2016!

Other international magazines have also been added, and by my understanding are presented to the internet some for the first time. Titles include:

  • Commodore Computing International
  • Commodore Magazine
  • RUN
  • Your Commodore
  • Compute!’s Gazette

Enjoy the huge range of advertisements, news articles in high quality PDF files as freely shared above.  Scanning is just one of the steps to bring these publications back to life and I offer a link here to donate and pay for my equipment outlay: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=SEP3P27VK58SN


Reader Alan emailed me regarding missing pages from two editions.  I have re-scanned and uploaded. Thank you. 29 September 2017.

Examples of covers shown here:

Exclusive release · Scanned Books

Macintosh SE/30 sales brochure

Presented here is a high resolution scan of the Apple Macintosh SE/30 sales brochure.  Each page has been post processed to optimise black text, white backgrounds and shadow detail.  PDF version available:


Navigate Manuals and documentation scans -> Macintosh SE/30 brochure.pdf

Images below:


Apple II software including disk images · Exclusive release · Scanned Manuals

Tales of Mystery, Scholastic. Apple II Educational software (complete)

Presented here is a complete release of Tales of Mystery, published by Scholastic.  Similar to Microzine in box style and system requirements – Apple ][+ 48K and above.  The booklet was scanned using the Fujitsu ScanSnap ix500 with staples removed and pages split electronically.  Side 1 was copy protected and side 2 was not.
Shared Files -> Apple II Software -> Tales of Mystery, Scholastic

Included in this premiere release are:

  • Front and rear box art scans
  • Disk label scan
  • Booklet as PDF
  • Side 1 and 2 as de-protected .DSK disk images

Side 1 Haunted House
Side 2 Mystery at Pinecrest Manor


Play tested and screenshots in OpenEmulator with custom tuned Apple Colour Composite display profile.

Apple II software including disk images · Exclusive release · Scanned Manuals

Donald’s Alphabet Chase, Boxed Apple II educational software (complete)

Presented here are complete scans and disk image for Donald’s Alphabet Chase published by Disney software.

  • Disk image (bypasses copy protection)
  • Front and rear box art scans
  • Disk label and sleeve scan
  • Manual and supplements
  • Copy protection graphic sheet
  • Disney software catalogue for 1991-1992
  • Screenshots with accurate CRT rendering applied