Microbee Online Magazine and Journal now available as scanned by Jeremy

Please contact me for information on downloading these PDFs

microbee online coverflow.jpg

Donations would be great to cover costs of transport, scanning equipment maintenance and hosting fees

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Scanning these magazines was a pleasure as I believe the localised articles, glossy presentation and quality content are worth sharing to the many Australians who grew up with Microbee.  Articles such as manufacturing the Microbee show never before seen online photos and backstory to the local efforts behind the hardware and production. Other articles for upgrading the Microbee computers, program reviews and software catalogues take you back to the moment where investing in this brand held the promise of education at a good price.

Context to my offering:

  • Preparing these magazines and documents for scanning was done with methodical care for both the source and digital files
  • Shared freely with direct downloads with no restrictions on how much you download or advertisements
  • Countless post processing options were tested and implemented to best capture the page and deliver a PDF with minimal compression

Limitations in the source:

  • Dates and publication details such as year/month and volume number are quite inconsistent.¬† Only when I finished scanning them could I piece together a bates style prefix to the filenames to keep them in order
  • Number 27 is missing, send it to me and I’ll add it into the archive
  • I don’t have after volume 34, do you?

Google Drive hosting allows you to:

  1. Click a folder and download the entire contents as a ZIP file directly
  2. Open a single PDF and scroll through it in your browser
  3. Download that PDF for later
  4. Select a couple of files by Control-Click and download those directly opposed to a whole folder.
ls -R
001 Microbee Online June Issue 01.pdf
002 Microbee Online July Number 02.pdf
003 Microbee Online August Issue 03.pdf
004 Microbee Online September Number 04.pdf
005 Microbee Online October Number 05.pdf
006 Microbee Online November : December Issue 06.pdf
007 Microbee Online January Issue 07.pdf
008 Microbee Online February Issue 08.pdf
009 Microbee Online March Issue 09.pdf
010 Microbee Online April Issue 10.pdf
011 Microbee Online 1985-05 Number 11.pdf
012 Microbee Online 1985-06 Number 12.pdf
013 Microbee Online 1985-07 Number 13.pdf
014 Microbee Online August 1985.pdf
015 Microbee Online 1985 September.pdf
016 Microbee Online Number 16.pdf
017 Microbee Online 1985-11 Number 17.pdf
018 Microbee Online 1985-12 Number 18.pdf
019 Microbee Online 1986-01 Number 19.pdf
020 Microbee Online 1986-02 Number 20.pdf
021 Microbee Online 1986-03.pdf
022 Microbee Online 1986-04 Number 22.pdf
023 Microbee Online 1986-05 Number 23.pdf
024 Microbee Online 1986-06 Number 24.pdf
025 Microbee Online 1986-07 Number 25.pdf
026 Microbee Online 1986-08 Number 26.pdf
028 Microbee Online 1986-10 Number 28.pdf
029 Microbee Online 1986-11 Number 29.pdf
030 Microbee Online 1986-12 Number 30.pdf
031 Microbee Online 1987 Number 31.pdf
032 Microbee Online 1987 Number 32.pdf
033 Microbee Online 1987 Number 33.pdf
034 Microbee Online 1987 Number 34.pdf


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