The Australian Government Database, Know Ware [Complete]

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Presented online is a complete archive of the Apple II software, The Australian Government Database by Know Ware (1991).

I found the software very easy to use and is even more relevant in 2019 as the country seems to be ruled by politics opposed to traditional governance.  One fact was I did not know Australian took the best established policies from nations such as America and Switzerland and distilled them into our constitution.

This software is a real gem in Australian software, lost to world and not even held by the National Library of Australia.  I am truly floored at the fact no holdings exist.  Although my mother did say ‘If you want something done properly, you best do it yourself!’.

Google Chrome001.jpg

In addition to the disk images, a full scan of the folder cover, manual and disk labels are included.

Donated by Ashley Snare.




Windows Into Literacy – Magic Animal and Frog Dog, Dataworks [Complete]

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Presented online for the first time is an unusual educational software title, Windows Into Literacy – Magic Animal and Frog Dog, Dataworks.  Donated by Ashley Snare.

You build stories by filling in the blank space in a sentence then it animates it.

OpenEmulator004 copy.jpgOpenEmulator005OpenEmulator006Windows Into Literacy - Magic Animals folder frontOpenEmulator004

Australian Oregon Trail – Outback Explorer, Dataworks [Complete]

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Making its online debut is Outback ExplorerAustralian’s clone answer to the wildly successful multi-platform Oregon Trail.   I say this as you plan for an expedition by purchasing live stock, water and equipment against a budget and time.  I am unsure if you can die from dysentry though!  Please play through it and let me know how far the similarities extend.

I chose to type sections from the manual to help detail bibliographic information

The author – Ian Holowoko, former deputy principal for the Victorian Ministry of Education.  Bachelor of Education degree from La Trobe University.  Other software includes Working with Words – Thesaurus Generator and Developing Living Skills.

Note: I would be so happy if these software titles surfaced!

The programmer – Grahame Willis of Monash University.

3.01 Introduction.  Outback Explorer simulates the exploration of unknown lands. Students must form and equip an expedition part and then set off on their adventures.  … You might be looking for gold or for new grazing land … or rescue survivors of a shipwreck.

Donated by Ashley Snare


Outback Explorer, Dataworks001Outback Explorer, Dataworks002Outback Explorer, Dataworks003

OpenEmulator001Outback Explorer resconstructed coverOpenEmulator002OpenEmulator003OpenEmulator004OpenEmulator005OpenEmulator006

Australian software manuals added

Ashley Snare of Canberra, Australia has donated Apple II software to JB Retro Collect for archiving.  New, unpreserved software titles were imaged and I’ve been able to scan manuals to existing titles, which is significant as the educational software market was big on teachers resources.

Previously disk imaged titles now completed with manual include:

  • Solar System Database now has the original folder art and manual.
  • Outback Explorer by Dataworks (an Australian Oregon Trail clone)
  • The Explorer’s Database by Know Ware
  • The Riddle Of Trumpalar is complete with student black-line masters, teachers resources, original novel and map.  Also included are 140kb disk images with label scans
  • The Australian Government Database, another new title complete with folder art and manual
  • StoryTree by George Brackett, Published by Scholastic Wizware – manual only as the disk is unreadable
  • Windows Into Literacy – Magic Animal Frog Dog, Dataworks

Michael Saunders of Sydney, Australia has donated an Australian software package designed to promote literacy in Dyslexic children.  It is called DIRECT Helper.  This is complete.

Direct Helper folder coverFinder001Finder002Explorer's Database (1987) folder frontFinder003Finder004Learn about insects001Outback Explorer resconstructed coverSolar System Database folder frontThe Australian Government Database folder cover


Imagineering, “The Art of Software” was an Australian software published based out of Ultimo NSW.  My understanding is they were a strong force in getting educational Apple II software into Australian schools.  I don’t know much more about them but am happy to share this unique disk sleeve.

Chromadisk is mentioned on the rear label by Memron in San Jose California.

The artwork shows Canberra and Sydney landmarks along with Australian and New Zealand animals.  Just beautiful!

This particular disk held Personal Investment Management System and the label across the top came off easy so I scanned it ‘neat’.

Navigate to: Disk Label Scans and scroll to C for Chromadisk


Atari Computer Enthusiasts ‘Inside Info’ Newsletter, New South Wales

Atari Computer Enthusiasts was a user’s group based in New South Wales, Australia.  These newsletters (and many other items) were generously donated to me by Peter Heweston and I present scanned copies online for the first time online.

Browse to: Scanned Book and Magazine Collection > Magazine Scans > Atari Computer Enthusiasts NSW Australia.

I’m keen to collect more of these so by all means send me an email or comment here if you can help.


Editions available are:

Atari Computer Enthusiasts 1983-08.pdf	
Atari Computer Enthusiasts 1983-10.pdf	
Atari Computer Enthusiasts 1983-12.pdf
Atari Computer Enthusiasts 1984-02.pdf
Atari Computer Enthusiasts 1984-04.pdf

The Unicorn Computer Business System

Presented online is a single PDF file which contains brochures for “The Unicorn Computer Business System”. From the front page “The Australian made, designed and supported system for all small and medium size businesses.  A simple, powerful and complete solution for business accounting and word processing”.

An S100 bus compatible computer sold by S.M Electronics in Mitcham, Australia.  Prices are included, as well as brochures for individual cards and accessories.  Great to scroll through!   Some photos in the originals are very faint.

Browse to: Scanned Book and Magazine Collection > General Brochures and Catalogues

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The Unicorn Computer Business System.jpeg

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