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More Australian computer magazines scanned 1980s-1990s

More magazines have been scanned and uploaded to my publicly shared Google Drive.  Double click or tap Magazine scans

Be sure to view your PDF files as full screen, two page booklet mode for two page advertisements to be displayed correct. More than one PDF or file can be downloaded at once and saved as a ZIP file.


Your Computer was Australian publication that covered news and articles related to popular home computers in the market at the time (late 80s).  Apple II, IIGS, Commodore/Amiga and IBM compatibles are covered. Scans of this magazine are relevant to modern interest.  A quick scroll through the PDF files shows news about upcoming products and the time frame around them.  An example is the evolution of home printing, as we have come from the 40-column Daisy Wheel type to affordable laser printing at 1200dpi.

Your Computer is loaded with advertisements for Australian local businesses and dealers.  This allows for easy comparison of prices and value to modern products.  I combine the date of the magazine and price listed with the RBA’s Inflation Calculator to compare.  The entry-level Epson LX-86 is listed for $495 and would cost $1,261.95AUD in 2016!

Other international magazines have also been added, and by my understanding are presented to the internet some for the first time. Titles include:

  • Commodore Computing International
  • Commodore Magazine
  • RUN
  • Your Commodore
  • Compute!’s Gazette

Enjoy the huge range of advertisements, news articles in high quality PDF files as freely shared above.  Scanning is just one of the steps to bring these publications back to life and I offer a link here to donate and pay for my equipment outlay: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=SEP3P27VK58SN


Reader Alan emailed me regarding missing pages from two editions.  I have re-scanned and uploaded. Thank you. 29 September 2017.

Examples of covers shown here:

Apple II software including disk images · Exclusive release · Published in Australia

Sandy’s Word Processor, Australian Apple II Software

Presented here is a complete release of Sandy’s Word Processor for the Apple ][.
The manual, reference card, disk label scan and image are available for direct download from my Google Drive:

This exclusive release is a combination of efforts, with credit to Michael Mulhurn for the supply of a working physical disk.  4am’s Passport software enabled the copy of the disk into a 140kb disk image without hassle.  Amazing.


PC software including disk images · Published in Australia · Scanned Manuals

The Bush Rangers Database for MS-DOS with full manual and disk images

Presented for download are:

  • 7 Disk Images in WinImage (.IMA) format
  • 1 ZIP file containing the files copied from each floppy
  • 1 PDF file which contains full scans of the folder cover, floppy disk labels and manual



Story behind this:

A previous blog post of mine about The Bush Rangers Database for the Apple II showed off Australian published software about our famous bush rangers.  A comment was made that the National Library of Australia held a copy.

Using NLA’s Trove search engine, I was able to find call number NMT 1451 and requested it.  I made the trip in today, ready with my laptop and various memory sticks to scan in the manual.  The NLA is a nothing in and nothing out library – no borrowing and no bags allowed in.

The loans librarian happily presented a folder in front of me, with a sticker ‘IBM version’.
I showed the librarian a print out of the bibliographic entry for NMT 1451 which described a 1985 48K Apple II version.  The NLA librarian agreed that what they held didn’t match the entry but concluded that was all they had.

Presented to me was a much more up to date version of The Bush Rangers Database, published in 1992 and ported to DOS on 7, 720kb 3.5″ floppy disks.

To make the most of the situation I still persevered (understatement) with the Konica MFD scanners for -3- hours to get an acceptable starting point of files.  The problems I faced were mainly very heavy compression applied to pages and very slow output to USB memory stick.

Overcoming the limitations of scanners is my speciality and I used the single page TIFF files for post-processing each page individually in Adobe Photoshop.  I hope you enjoy the PDF file linked above as I took the time to further scan the folder and disks too.  Adobe Acrobat 11 was used to compile the post-processed files into a single PDF.

An external TEAC USB FDD was used to read the disks into a virtual box of Windows 7 using the WinImage application.  Disks are created as ‘new from source format’ and then read to memory, saved and repeated until you finish the set of disks.  To save wear and tear on the floppies, I extracted the files from the disk images just in case someone can’t mount the .IMA files. This was all done on the spot – quite efficient I think.


Question remains where did the actual Apple II version go from 1985?  Why was it replaced with an IBM port and catalogue not updated?  Not quite inspiring NLA.

Screenshots (converted from original PCX to GIF):



Comparison between my post-processed page (left) and “out of the box” automatic PDF from the NLA scanner:


Apple II software including disk images · Published in Australia

The Librarian’s Apprentice, Australian Apple II software

This entirely undocumented piece of software appears to be a basic library catalogue system. You can enter a catalogue record, search by record or ISBN and print to screen or label maker the data.

Having worked in a university library I can attest to the pain of making spine labels which at my former workplace were done on Avery paper in a Word template and typed by hand.  I am tempted to believe the 1984 Apple II would do a better job than this if it can automatically make labels.

Written by P. Merry for NDEC Software


Under the folder “Librarians Apprentice”


Published in Australia · VHS Transfers

Blinky Bill – The Red Car and Blinky The Teacher, Australian 2 episode VHS transfer


Life for Blinky Bill is always exciting in the newly rebuilt village of Greenpatch. Dorothy Wall’s endearing characters are never far from adventure. Join Blinky and his friends in two more lively episodes from the ABC Television series.

A red car is for sale in New Greenpath and Blinky’s gang and the Dingos both want it. Their attempts to raise the money for it create havoc in the town – especially at the school. The Dingos eventually get the car, but son discover it’s not the boon they thought it was.

When the School Inspector comes to New Greenpatch, Blinky is so mischievous that Miss Magpie quits her job rather than face the sack. However Blinky’s plan backfires when he is appointed the new teacher. Blinky finds the job – and his friends – harder to manage than he expected and is soon asking Miss Magpie to come back as teacher.

Produced and Directed by Yoram Gross
(C) 1994 Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Digital VHS transfer.

Applecations · Published in Australia · Scanned Magazines

Applecations – The Publication of the Apple Users Group – Sydney Australia as scanned by Jeremy Barr-Hyde


Presented here is a link to my ‘Scanned Magazines’ folder as shared on Google Drive where you’ll find my archive of 93 Applecations magazines.


The aim of this blog post is to give a page for reference online.

Applecations is publication by the Apple User’s Group of Sydney, Australia and features advertisements, member articles and content from around the world related to the Apple II computer and later incorporating the Macintosh.

These magazines are a true wealth of discussion and news with an Australian perspective on the industry and user scene.  Member’s Handbooks are included which have an Index for each year too.

I’d like to give credit to those names behind Applecations which include:

From July 1983
PRESIDENT - Bruce Kehlet
VICE PRES - Michael McGunness
Secretary - Colin Rutherford
Treasuer - Peter Kazacos
Committee - Ron Lombardo

From August 1986
VICEPRES - Don Riley
SECRETARY - Bob Cornwall
TREASURER - Peter Kazacos
EDITOR -Hans Hoffman 
COMMITTEE- Membership Recorder - Graham Clarke 
Mac meeting Convenor -Ed Ashworth
Asst. Mac S.I.G - Marius Coomans
SALES - Library & Bulk Purchase - Chris Wanigesekera
Bulletin Board SYSOPs - Andrew Riley, Matthew Barnes 
Asst. Librarians - Michael Funayama (Mac), Bob Bradshaw (//)
Special Activities - John Rotenstein, Bruce Stanley, Ed Mehrte

From May 1989
Editor: Hans Offman
Contributing Editor: Tony Szabo
Distribution: Graham Clarke
Advertising: John Paske

Each magazine was made suitable for scanning by sharply removing the spine and scanned with a Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 scanner.  Lengthy experimentation was done to establish a workflow that delivers sharp, truly black text and minimal page bleed-through.  If you notice a skew to the text it is in the original.

Click here if you would like to show your support in covering my costs with a contribution through PayPal.


Apple Users Group Newsletter, July 1981.pdf
Apple Users Group membership application form.pdf
Applecations April 1982.pdf
Applecations April 1983.pdf
Applecations April 1984.pdf
Applecations April 1985.pdf
Applecations April 1986.pdf
Applecations April 1987.pdf
Applecations April 1988.pdf
Applecations April 1989.pdf
Applecations April 1990.pdf
Applecations August 1982.pdf
Applecations August 1984.pdf
Applecations August 1985.pdf
Applecations August 1986.pdf
Applecations August 1987.pdf
Applecations August 1988.pdf
Applecations August 1989.pdf
Applecations December 1983.pdf
Applecations December 1987.pdf
Applecations February 1985.pdf
Applecations Jan:Feb 1982.pdf
Applecations Jan:Feb 1983.pdf
Applecations Jan:Feb 1984.pdf
Applecations Jan:Feb 1985.pdf
Applecations Jan:Feb 1986.pdf
Applecations Jan:Feb 1987.pdf
Applecations Jan:Feb 1988.pdf
Applecations Jan:Feb 1989.pdf
Applecations Jan:Feb 1990.pdf
Applecations July 1982.pdf
Applecations July 1983.pdf
Applecations July 1984.pdf
Applecations July 1985.pdf
Applecations July 1986.pdf
Applecations July 1987.pdf
Applecations July 1988.pdf
Applecations July 1989 (Cover Has Typo).pdf
Applecations July:August 1990.pdf
Applecations June 1982.pdf
Applecations June 1983.pdf
Applecations June 1984.pdf
Applecations June 1985.pdf
Applecations June 1986.pdf
Applecations June 1987.pdf
Applecations June 1988.pdf
Applecations June 1989.pdf
Applecations June 1990.pdf
Applecations March 1982.pdf
Applecations March 1983.pdf
Applecations March 1984.pdf
Applecations March 1986.pdf
Applecations March 1987.pdf
Applecations March 1988.pdf
Applecations March 1989.pdf
Applecations March 1990.pdf
Applecations May 1982.pdf
Applecations May 1983.pdf
Applecations May 1984.pdf
Applecations May 1985.pdf
Applecations May 1986.pdf
Applecations May 1987.pdf
Applecations May 1988.pdf
Applecations May 1989.pdf
Applecations May 1990.pdf
Applecations Nov:Dec 1982.pdf
Applecations Nov:Dec 1988.pdf
Applecations Nov:Dec 1989.pdf
Applecations Nov:Dec 1990.pdf
Applecations November 1983.pdf
Applecations November 1984.pdf
Applecations November 1985.pdf
Applecations November 1986.pdf
Applecations November 1987.pdf
Applecations October 1982.pdf
Applecations October 1983.pdf
Applecations October 1984.pdf
Applecations October 1985.pdf
Applecations October 1986.pdf
Applecations October 1987.pdf
Applecations October 1988.pdf
Applecations October 1989.pdf
Applecations October 1990.pdf
Applecations September 1982.pdf
Applecations September 1983.pdf
Applecations September 1984.pdf
Applecations September 1985.pdf
Applecations September 1986.pdf
Applecations September 1987.pdf
Applecations September 1989.pdf
Applecations September 1990.pdf
Applecations September.pdf
Members Handbook 1986-1987.pdf
Members Handbook 1987 And Index Of Applecations.pdf
Members Handbook 1990 - Apple User's Group Sydney.pdf
Rules of the Apple Users Group (Sydney).pdf
Software Library Listing of the Apple Users Group Sydney Australia.pdf
Apple II software including disk images · Published in Australia · Scanned Manuals

Dinosaur Discovery, Australian Apple II educational software with manual

Dinosaur Discovery by Jacaranda Wiley
Needs work that I can’t determine: Game boots from disk one, uses data from disk 2 – loads fine on real Apple II.  However in an emulator, it is stuck on please wait.

Presented here are both disks and the Dinosaur Discovery manual, workbook, poster, certificate:

Aim of the program
Dinosaur Discovery is a problem-solving and experiential learning activity that requires a number of reading skills to be applied to a game Children will need to
• read and comprehend text in a variety of forms,
• discriminate between fact and fiction,
• take notes for later use,
• find main ideas,
• check cross-references,.
• read tables of information, and
• make logical deductions. (manual p1)


The manual was from a photocopied source and has been cleaned up, page by page in photoshop from an almost unusbale source.  Being Australian and not available anywhere else, I decided to restore it until the real thing comes along (pigs can fly, right?)

Apple II software including disk images · Published in Australia · Scanned Manuals

Raft Away River, Australian Apple II software with manual

Raft Away River by Jacaranda Wiley
Presented here with disk image and both the Teacher’s Manual and Student’s Guide in PDF from a photocopied source.


This Apple II software is easily ran or played directly in your browser using Archive.org’s one-click emulator here:

Raft-Away River is a game for 2 to 6 players. It is a special
sort of game called a simulation. This means that the
computer shows you a model of an adventure and you can
experiment to see what you could do if you really had such
an adventure. But, unlike the real thing, you can’t come to
any harm in a simulation. So, if your plans don’t work out
as they should, you have a chance to try again using some
different ideas. If you think hard about why your plans didn’t
work, then you might learn why some plans fail. Of course,
you will also learn how some other plans work’

First published 1984 by
65 Park Road. Milton, Old 4064
140A Victoria Road, Gladesville, N.S.W. 2111
90 Ormond Road, Elwood, Vic. 3184
4 Kirk Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland 2, N.Z.

A product of Jacaranda Software
Program designers: Rosanne Gare and David L. Smith
Production editor: Wynrie Webber
Apple version programmed by Gerald M. Wluka
BBC version programmed by David L. Smith
Commodore 64 versions programmed by Philip O’Carroll
Microbee versions programmed by Gerald Preston·