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Macintosh SE/30 sales brochure

Presented here is a high resolution scan of the Apple Macintosh SE/30 sales brochure.  Each page has been post processed to optimise black text, white backgrounds and shadow detail.  PDF version available:


Navigate Manuals and documentation scans -> Macintosh SE/30 brochure.pdf

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Exclusive release · Scanned Books

MOSTEK 1979 Microcomputer Data Book

Presented here is an unpreserved book published in June 1979, by Mostek Corporation.

It covers general information, product specifications for a range of chips such as MD-XPU1, Z80 and many more.

This book is ~700mb in size and has been scanned for the best resolution and readability.  This was achieved by scanning in greyscale and dropping out the page to be white and text to be black, taking care to not crush the shadows too much.

The result was a large PDF however the book is in fact 851 pages.  Various compression techniques were tested but ultimately the readability was affect.  Enjoy this high quality PDF with actual numbered pages that match the book.

Download this book from the folder of all my book scans, freely shared and at high speed from Manuals and documentation scans -> MOSTEK 1979 Microcomputer Data Book.pdf




Exclusive release · Scanned Books

Getting Acquainted With Your VIC-20 by Tim Hartnell, Book scan

Cover VIC20.jpg


Unpreserved book now available in a high quality PDF with numbered pages.

Getting Acquainted With Your VIC-20 Tim Hartnell ISBN 0907563058
The book assumes you would like to collect a number of different
programs that work; that you want to know how and why they work; and — eventually — that you want to be able to create and develop your own
programs. The book explains how the programs were written, developed, and made more complex and/or fun to run, from a simpler “core”
program. By following through the programming, feeding the games and other programs into your computer and running them, you should learn a
fair amount of BASIC without even trying. (p. 6)