Robot Projects, Scanned Book

Robot Project by Richard Pawson is ‘a practical guide to making home robots… and interfacing robot devices to a home computer’.
(C) Frances Lincoln Limited 1985

ISBN 0 7112 0419 5

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OSBORNE 16-bit Microprocessor Handbook, Book scan

Presented here is a vintage reference book on 16-Bit Microprocessors.  In the folder Book Scans

Authors: Adam Osborne, Gerry Kane
ISBN: 0913988438
Copyright: McGraw-Hill 1975-1981
Pages: 803


Examples of content:

  • National Semiconductor PACE and INS8900
  • General Instrument CP1600
  • Texas Instruments TI TMS 9900, 9980, 9940
  • Single Chip Nova Minicomputer Central Processing Units
  • Intel 8086
  • Zilog Z8000
  • Motorola MC68000
  • 2900 series Chip Slice products


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