Raft Away River, Australian Apple II software with manual

Update 2020-07-26: Newly restored front box art and new scans of manuals from originals at 600dpi.  Title screenshots updated. 

Raft Away River by Jacaranda Wiley
Presented here are

  • Apple II disk label scan
  • Front artwork as restored by Jeremy
  • Teacher’s manual and student’s guide booklet scans from originals
  • Apple II disk image (140kb DSK)

Navigate through the folders:  Apple II Software -> Raft Away River, Jacaranda

Raft-Away River front JBHRaft Away River 002Raft Away River 001

This Apple II software is easily ran or played directly in your browser using Archive.org’s one-click emulator here:

Raft-Away River is a game for 2 to 6 players. It is a special
sort of game called a simulation. This means that the
computer shows you a model of an adventure and you can
experiment to see what you could do if you really had such
an adventure. But, unlike the real thing, you can’t come to
any harm in a simulation. So, if your plans don’t work out
as they should, you have a chance to try again using some
different ideas. If you think hard about why your plans didn’t
work, then you might learn why some plans fail. Of course,
you will also learn how some other plans work’

First published 1984 by
65 Park Road. Milton, Old 4064
140A Victoria Road, Gladesville, N.S.W. 2111
90 Ormond Road, Elwood, Vic. 3184
4 Kirk Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland 2, N.Z.

A product of Jacaranda Software
Program designers: Rosanne Gare and David L. Smith
Production editor: Wynrie Webber
Apple version programmed by Gerald M. Wluka
BBC version programmed by David L. Smith
Commodore 64 versions programmed by Philip O’Carroll
Microbee versions programmed by Gerald Preston·

Australian Oregon Trail – Outback Explorer, Dataworks [Complete]

Navigate to Apple II Software, under A for Australian

Making its online debut is Outback ExplorerAustralian’s clone answer to the wildly successful multi-platform Oregon Trail.   I say this as you plan for an expedition by purchasing live stock, water and equipment against a budget and time.  I am unsure if you can die from dysentry though!  Please play through it and let me know how far the similarities extend.

I chose to type sections from the manual to help detail bibliographic information

The author – Ian Holowoko, former deputy principal for the Victorian Ministry of Education.  Bachelor of Education degree from La Trobe University.  Other software includes Working with Words – Thesaurus Generator and Developing Living Skills.

Note: I would be so happy if these software titles surfaced!

The programmer – Grahame Willis of Monash University.

3.01 Introduction.  Outback Explorer simulates the exploration of unknown lands. Students must form and equip an expedition part and then set off on their adventures.  … You might be looking for gold or for new grazing land … or rescue survivors of a shipwreck.

Donated by Ashley Snare


Outback Explorer, Dataworks001Outback Explorer, Dataworks002Outback Explorer, Dataworks003

OpenEmulator001Outback Explorer resconstructed coverOpenEmulator002OpenEmulator003OpenEmulator004OpenEmulator005OpenEmulator006

Australian software manuals added

Ashley Snare of Canberra, Australia has donated Apple II software to JB Retro Collect for archiving.  New, unpreserved software titles were imaged and I’ve been able to scan manuals to existing titles, which is significant as the educational software market was big on teachers resources.

Previously disk imaged titles now completed with manual include:

  • Solar System Database now has the original folder art and manual.
  • Outback Explorer by Dataworks (an Australian Oregon Trail clone)
  • The Explorer’s Database by Know Ware
  • The Riddle Of Trumpalar is complete with student black-line masters, teachers resources, original novel and map.  Also included are 140kb disk images with label scans
  • The Australian Government Database, another new title complete with folder art and manual
  • StoryTree by George Brackett, Published by Scholastic Wizware – manual only as the disk is unreadable
  • Windows Into Literacy – Magic Animal Frog Dog, Dataworks

Michael Saunders of Sydney, Australia has donated an Australian software package designed to promote literacy in Dyslexic children.  It is called DIRECT Helper.  This is complete.

Direct Helper folder coverFinder001Finder002Explorer's Database (1987) folder frontFinder003Finder004Learn about insects001Outback Explorer resconstructed coverSolar System Database folder frontThe Australian Government Database folder cover

Hitachi Peach Personal Computer documentation

Japanese personal computers were available in Australia and supported by users groups such as ‘The Australian Phase’.  Unfortunately I have little knowledge of the Peach but share these PDF files to hopefully fill in some gaps in documentation available online.  A majority of the pages scanned were photocopied originals made into books,

Interesting that just down from my home in Canberra was ‘The Software House’ which have documented the Peach ROM and Drive.  If anyone has a contact for them some 40 years later then by all means get in touch.


Browse to: Scanned Book and Magazine Collection > Hitachi Peach Personal Computer

Donations would be great to cover costs of transport, scanning equipment maintenance and hosting fees

Click here to show your support with a contribution through PayPal.

Peach ROM Notes By Bruce Rossell And Howard Viccars copy.jpg


The Australian Phase A Magazine For Japanese Micros copy.jpg

Basic Manual For Hitachi Personal Computer MB-S1 1020.pdf
Disk Basic Manual MS-S101 For Hitachi Personal Computer MB-S1.pdf
Hisoft Hiwriter Manual.pdf
Hitachi Basic Master Level 3 MB-6890 Assembler Manual 1983.pdf
Hitachi MB-6890 Level-3 Disk Basic Manual (Difficult Scan).pdf
Hitachi MP-1802.pdf
Hitachi MP-3710.pdf
Hitachi Peach Booklet in Japanese.pdf
Hitachi Personal Computer MB-S1 10 20 Operation Manual (Photocopy).pdf
Hitachi S1 Brochure RAW (Two Sources).zip
Hitachi S1 Brochure.pdf
Micro Data BJS Software Systems (For Hitachi Peach).pdf
No Cover Page - Related To Peach.pdf
Notes On Hitachi Peach Double Density DOS By Peter Calder.pdf
OBS Computer Centre Pricing List.pdf
Peach ROM Notes By Bruce Rossell And Howard Viccars.pdf
Peach User Notes Volume 2 Number 3.pdf
Procalc for the Hitachi Peach.pdf
The Australian Phase A Magazine For Japanese Micros.pdf
Jeremys-MBP:~ Jeremy$

Melody Shop Booster Pack Plus, Scholastic – Complete boxed Apple II software

Last month I released Slide Shop for the Apple II.  This boxed software supports Slide Shop and Story Teller Deluxe by allowing you to both compose and add your music to the slides.  A nice mouse driven UI.
Included in the archive are:
– Complete box art scans
– Manual scans
– Disk image (no copy protection) with label scan
– Screenshots from AppleColor Composite monitor
– Warranty registration card

Scroll to M for Melody:


Winnie The Pooh in the Hundred Acre Wood, Sierra Walt Disney – Complete Apple II software

Presented here is the complete box set of Winnie The Pooh in the Hundred Acre Wood.  Other versions exist online but nothing all in one place and interestingly my box and manual are quite different to exisiting release.
Freshly scanned
– Manual (new version, 1200dpi)
– Box art
– Disk label
– Large map
– Screenshots of AppleColor Composite monitor
– Disk images as cracked by Passport by 4am

I have previously released a Donald Duck title by Walt Disney Personal Computer Software, so this release compliments that nicely.

Scroll to W for Winnie:


Apple //c manual scans

In addition to the IIGS manual photo scans, I brought home an Apple //c manual from KansasFest to scan each individual photo in the manual.  A collage was made of the best as shown but included here for scrolling through are the individual example photos where the manual demonstrates, for example inserting a disk.

Chater 1 2 page spread the apple IIc and computer systemCollagesdrive door downIIc and candykeyboardmain lgic board and chipsmeet your aple iicmonitor on and iicpaddles and joystickpaddles, modem, drive, mouseplotter, disk drive and mouseprintersputting the apple IIc to workrear of iicremoving a floppyreset and protect]side viewteal bag with accesoriesApple presents the Apple IIc an interactive owner's guide frontthe inside storyApple IIc Manual2

Apple IIGS Manual – scans of chapter photos (complete)

KansasFest 2017 had an abundance of Apple IIGS manuals for giveaway which was perfect for me to flick through and compare them.  I found two versions with very different stock photograph and decided to unbind the two manuals for high resolution scanning.  Each page was scanned on an Epson Perfection V700 scanner and individually levelled and joined in Adobe photoshop.

Find the full resolution, uncompressed TIFFs and processed JPGs at my publicly shared Google Drive.  Navigate: Manuals and documentation scans -> IIGS Manual Glamour photos

Enjoy scrolling through!Apple IIGS Manual front cover.jpg



IIGSGlamour pianoIIGSGlamour032IIGSGlamour030IIGSGlamour028IIGSGlamour026IIGSGlamour024aIIGSGlamour022IIGSGlamour020IIGSGlamour018IIGSGlamour016IIGSGlamour014IIGSGlamour012IIGSGlamour010IIGSGlamour008

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