Explore-Australia (1988), Australia educational Apple II software

Presented here are links and screenshots to feature Explore Australia.  This educational game makes good use of the Apple //e feature-set of higher resolution colour and smooth mouse control.  Animation is used throughout and reminds me of Commodore 64 graphics.  The Apple ColourComposite //e display is best designed to handle this graphics style.  Gameplay screenshots are from Virtual II as Open Emulator does not support Mouse cards (if it does let me know!).

Read my writeup below or download the A2R + WOZ formats by searching WOZ or easily navigating folders Apple II Software, scroll to E for “Explore Australia, Datamost WOZ” :


Update: @4am has published a crack and will post files on Archive.org soon

Users select from a girl (Kate) or boy (Neil) character to read through history or explore the globe.  Navigating the game is done by turning the page (click top right corner), with graphics on screen being interactive which I think is a great feature considering the hardware constraints (It really needs 2mHz).

Indigenous Australians are featured in the history section and the topic can be expanded on by clicking on ? icons to read more about the Aborigines dream time stories being passed down through generations going back 40,000 years.  Animation is used to bring features of dreamtime stories to life and tells the player to read a story in the student book.  Unfortunately no printed materials were available to me, only the disk.  This is the same crap we’ve seen before from the National Library of Australia (NLA) (via Trove search).  I have the disk saved from a church in Henty and the NLA have it in their catalogue but it’s missing.

The next 6 pages show immigration from England and Scotland for white settlement and establishment of farming.  Again I am very impressed at the level of interactivity on the slides which I think was best done many years later on the Macintosh with ‘Once Upon a Time’ by Computeach.  Disk 2 is required to progress.

Program credits:
Animation graphics by Laura Koller
Programmed by Rob Shaver & Peter Andrews
Published by Datamost © 1988 on two sides

Explore Australia - Disk 1, Side A 001

Explore Australia2.gif


Formula 1 Racer, Gentry Software Apple II WOZ


Presented here are full scans of the box art, disk label, manual as scanned for JB Retro and donated by Leslie Ayling.  Also included in the archive are disk images for all users (WOZ, A2R and DSK 4am crack).

Forumula 1 racer018 front.jpg

“Race against the clock in this test of quick reactions and steady nerves.  You drive your Formula 1 Racer around a twisting course, swerving to avoid other racers and – WATCH OUT! – round signs.

As your shift into overdrive your speed increases, and you cover more miles and earn more points.  But you may have to downshift quickly as you enter a sharp curve at dangerous speeds.

As your skill improves, you can advance from noice to intermediate – and then to expert!” Copyright 1983 Gentry Software ™.

JB Retro Collect repository
Click and navigate to Apple II Software, scroll to F for “Formula 1 Racer (Gentry) WOZ”. 

Forumula 1 racer019 rearForumula 1 racer020 disk label

Personal Investment Management System by STAPTRON, Australian Apple II software in WOZ format

Presented online for archival purposes is Personal Investment Management System by STAPTRON, Australia.  Included are:

  • The handwritten letter folded into the disk sleeve showing the password (BC)
  • Disk label and sleeve scans
  • Full A2R image and converted WOZ
  • PNG Render of the disk’s flux transitions
  • Screenshots of the software running under emulation with a CPM Softcard in Slot 2

This software allows the user to enter ‘deals’ to a financial database such as the purchase or sale of shares and other investments.  Reports can be generated from the deals and at the ‘end of the month’ you can zero amounts owed.
Published by STAPTRON Computer Consultants.  PO Box 445, Castle Hill 2154. 1980’s phone (02) 634 1311.

Two copies of this software exist with the second being distributed by Imagineering Australia / NZ (included).

Scroll to P for Personal:

Personal Investment Management System - Disk 1, Side A

PIMS STAPTRON disk sleevePIMSScreen1PIMSScreen2PIMSScreen3

Community credits:

Michael Mulhurn for investing and supporting the AppleSauce disk imaging product, and generous use of the machine at WozFest and future events

Leslie Ayling for hands on setup of AppleSauce sync sensor and enthusiasm

Sean McNamara for saving the disks from the skip and his community efforts to bring everyone together so preservation efforts like this can flourish.

Jeremy Barr-Hyde for scanning, disk image testing, hosting and donation of Apple Disk II drive (Shugart).

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